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Fall is all about pumpkins, sweater weather and everything cozy but it is also a season that goes by in a flash. To ensure we are making the most of this pre-game to the next much colder and busier season, the DefineMe team put together a list of fall things we MUST do before the first sign of holiday decorations. Join us in accomplishing the DefineMe Fall Faves Bucket List!

  1. Make spiced apple cider. Pumpkins take the spotlight come fall but let’s not forget it’s also apple harvest season. Make hot mulled apple cider for your next gathering. Bonus points for using local apple cider! We love this recipe.
  2. Spend a weekend in the mountains. Summer and winter are peak seasons for mountain towns but fall is just as beautiful with the changing leaves. Search Airbnb for cabin rentals that are discounted during fall's 'shoulder season' dates. What could be better than spending a chilly autumn evening with friends in a cozy cabin?
  3. Switch out your closet. Spend a lazy Sunday morning moving all your summer frocks and sandals to storage. This is also a great time to assess which fall pieces you *actually* need to buy for the season. Donate or sell any of the items you don’t love anymore!
  4. Try a dark lipstick. While summer beauty trends are all about light and breezy makeup looks, fall style tends to be more dramatic. Try a darker lipstick for your everyday wear or date night outfit.
  5. Perfect your chili recipe. Chili is the perfect fall meal that really has no recipe rules. Try experimenting with ingredients to make your chili recipe one that gives you bragging rights at the next football tailgate. Not sure where to start? Check out this veggie chili recipe.
  6. Check in on your end of the year goals. After a season of traveling, days spent outside and late nights with friends fall is the perfect time to reset. Check in on or set goals for the rest of the year. Then start a new routine that supports those goals!
  7. Go on a date at a brewery. Switch up the usual drinks or dinner date with a rendezvous at a local brewery. Find out which nights your local brewery hosts food trucks so you can pair a seasonal brew with delicious nosh. 
  8. Host an in-season harvest potluck. Autumn is the season of harvest so there is no better time to cook! Why not host an in-season potluck that support eating locally. Ask your friends to bring a dish that incorporates an in-season and locally sourced food item. Not sure what is in season where you live? Check out this guide
  9. Catch up with a girlfriend over a seasonal latte. Plan a coffee date with a girlfriend and indulge in a delicious seasonal latte. We are partial to the fall classic -  Pumpkin Spice Latte, but there are so many others to try with maple, cinnamon and apple flavors.
  10. Curl up with a good book. Spend a night in with a good book and a hot cup of tea. Recoup from the busy summer season and recharge your energy batteries because the holiday season is just around the corner. 


September 20, 2019 — B Social Collaborator

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