Most of the time we are squeezing some time in for the gym + once we get there we realize we forget something! Am'irite?!🙋  The checklist to get your gym bag in order is here! We put together a guide on how to organize your perfect gym bag with 11 essentials that every girl needs!

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1. Yoga Mat/Yoga Mat Carrier - For the yoga class you feel inspired to take. A yoga mat is good to have for any floor exercise at the gym too! Some Manduka mats are carriers are part of the Om Project! Meaning 10% of select products purchase will go to Susan G. Koman to support Breast Cancer! Namaste! 🙏 

2. Hand Towel - Wipe away the sweat and keep from slipping on your yoga mat with a small microfiber hand towel. Gaiam makes a great super absorbent microfiber hand towel and perfect size to take on the go!   

3. Water bottle - Make sure to stay hydrated! S'well makes the cutest water bottles and your purchase makes a big impact! Not only are you reducing plastic in landfills by using a reusable bottle, S'well gives back to organizations that are 

helping to build infrastructure, educate families on water-borne diseases and promote national reform to make a sustainable, long lasting change in vulnerable communities. 

4. Headphones - So you can rock out to your favorite workout playlist, zone out + do your thang! Find cute rose gold buds by PhunkeeTree at Nordstrom Rack! 

5. Headband - To not only keep your hair out of your face but also keep your skin clear! 

6.  Hair Brush - Tame that gym hair! WetBrush has the cutest traveling brushes in the cutest colors! Perfect size to throw in your gym bag. 

7. Hair ties - Cute hair ties make such a difference! These are so cute you can use them as a bracelet'll never forget your cute hair ties! 

8. Tampons - Always a good idea to have these handy. Have you heard of Cora's organic tampons?! They are made without any toxic substances and are made with organic cotton! They also have a monthly box you can have sent to you! The best part is: For every month’s supply of Cora you purchase, we help provide a month’s supply of pads and health education to a girl in need. 🌟

9. Dry Shampoo - For the days you are in a time crunch! Refresh with a Dry Bar's Dry Shampoo! 

10. Non-perishable snacks - To keep your energy up! Cliff bars are tasty and a great source of protein and fiber! 

11. Deodorant- Try Tarte's vegan deodorant...stay fresh! 

12. DefineMe Harper - Refresh and re-energize with Harper! A great citrusy summer fragrance oil! 

and in your makeup bag...

A gold makeup back with a number of beauty products spilled out onto a white table.
A collection of images included inthe list below.

1. Makeup remover - Because working out with makeup on is probably one of the worst things you can do to your skin! Forever 21 has affordable makeup remover wipes for only $4.90! 

2. Waterproof Mascara - So that your lashes still look on fleek. (And there’s nothing worse than raccoon eyes at the gym)

3. Facial Mist - Rejuvenate + refresh your skin with a hydrating spritz.

4. BB Cream - Just enough coverage and moisture to get active.

5. Face Moisturizer - Working out and sweating can really take a toll on your skin, so make sure you stay moisturized!

6. Face Cleanser - Nothing like washing your face to rejuvinate!
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