Azanique smiling headshot with apricot sweater.Azanique smiling headshot with apricot sweater.

This week we are featuring Azanique! She has the cutest fashion and lifestyle blog...Lots of Sass...where you can read about the latest fashion trends and even find some amazing sale items featured. Need some inspo for your work outfit? Check out her #WorkWearWednesday series, where she features some affordable and stylish items for your work wardrobe. You can also see some of her favorite fashion and beauty items of the week listed in her Friday Five

A really awesome thing we found out that Azanique and DefineMe Fragrance have in common is that we are both involved with "She's the First", a non-profit that provides scholarships for girls in low-income countries! 

Check out our mini-interview to learn more about Azanique:

🌟First things first, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?🌟

For starters, I am a recent college grad from East Carolina University and currently still living in North Carolina until my next career step. I am originally from New Jersey and am avid boardwalk and beach lover. My blog,, started back in November after I kept getting outfit detail requests from family and friends. I love posting about fashion, some home decor and wine. My blog has taught me a lot of self-discipline, networking, building a solid team of #girlbosses and so much more.

🌟Who was your first style icon?🌟

My first style icon had to be Tyra Banks. I fell in love with her style watching Americas Next Top Model and on her talk show.

🌟If you could describe your style into three words, what would they be?🌟

Causal. Colorful. Comfortable.

🌟We love your confidence!  How do you find and exude that confidence so well?🌟 

I would definitely be lying if I said I felt super confident everyday. I think that it all comes from knowing that every flaw and perfection of mine was made that way for a reason, so I should embrace them. Also, I volunteer with many youth in the community and I really pride myself on showing them by example how to love themselves, so some of my confidence comes more from wanting to be a good role model, and not always from deep within.

🌟How did you get involved with “She’s The First” and how has it been a rewarding experience so far?🌟 

I first got involved with She's The First when it was founded on East Carolina's campus in Spring 2015. I immediately jumped on the chance to be involved as a member and was elected Global Awareness Chair the following semester. Honestly, She's The First is one of the best things that has happened to me. I have gained so many of my leadership skills from this organization, both in my personal and professional life. I served as the Global Awareness Program Chair from  August 2015-May 2017 and loved getting in front of my peers every month to talk about global issues affecting girls and women. No other position in college, paid or volunteer, has been more rewarding than being part of She's The First. Last summer, we received the Outstanding Achievement in Global Citizenship award at the annual summit. I truly hadn't been proud to win anything since I had been accepted into college. That award meant more to me than I think anyone could really understand. I wrote one of the deepest blog posts ever on winning that award, which resonated with many of my peers at ECU and beyond. From that, I was able to connect more with chapters across the nation and help them cultivate ideas for their GAP discussions and get closer with the STF team and supporters. I was so blessed to then be asked to participate in the new national video. I was so honored that Tammy, Christen and Katie thought that I, just a small girl from New Jersey, was worthy enough (I know, so intense, but seriously) to join with them in such a big way. No other position in college, paid or volunteer, has been more rewarding than being part of She's The First.

Being part of She's The First opened up so many doors for me to educate others about girls' education and global issues that most people here in the US, would never have to worry about. I was so blessed to be able to talk on campus and in the community about She's The First while in college. In complete realness, the entire experience has been so rewarding! Even when it was hard, it was ALWAYS worth it. I don't think I could have asked to be part of such an amazing organization. In the future, I hope to continue working with She's The First in some capacity! Whether that means sponsoring my own scholar or working with local chapters or moving to NYC and joining their Young Professionals Network.  

Azanique smiling full length in blue dress.Lots of Sass Blog

🌟What is your current beauty or style essential that you cannot be without?🌟

Red lipstick and my Kate Spade watch

🌟Where do you find inspiration?🌟

For fashion, from many of the amazing bloggers I have met in just the past few months and Pinterest.

For life, amazing female leaders such as Melissa Harris-Perry, Michelle Obama and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi. So far, I've met both Melissa Harris-Perry and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi, and hope to one day meet Michelle Obama.

🌟How would you describe your “perfect day”?🌟

My perfect day would include a Pure Barre or yoga class, a visit to the spa, a little shopping trip and drinks or dessert with my friends.

🌟If someone looked into your closet, what color or pattern would they see the most?🌟

Probably blue and white strips or coral.

🌟Who are some of your favorite designers?🌟

I love Aurora James, Victoria Beckham, Steve Madden, Tracey Reese & Olivier Rousteing.

🌟Last but not least, what is your favorite quote to live by?🌟

"At any given moment, you have the power to say: This is not how my story is going to end."

July 06, 2017 — B Social Collaborator

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