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Hello Summer....

Can you believe Summer is here already?! Where has time gone?!! Summer is a such a great time for trying something new and recharging your batteries. Bringing out summery clothes, sandals, freshening up my look with a new haircut & highlights are some of my favorites.  I also LOVE trying new beauty products, especially new eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, lip gloss and fragrance, like our DEFINEME Sofia Isabel fragrance oil, a perfectly summery scent!  Here's a cool tip, its blended with coconut oil so you can put it in your hair for that just came from the beach, natural look. Make some fun changes this summer & have fun with it! xx

DEFINEME Sofia Isabel with notes of mandarin, black current, jasmine & sugar it's the perfect summery scent! $36

Posted on June 28 2015 by Jennifer McKay Newton


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