Five years in the making, our new Kahana Natural Perfume Mist was founded on the principles of relaxation, mindfulness , and the idea of a simple reset or recalibration to your daily routine. 

The scent draws on this inspiration to transport us straight to the serenity of a quiet beach and to reach further offshore. The Kahana scent swell (top notes) begins with hints of hibiscus and a dash of delicate pink pepper. While the crest (middle notes) serve up a splash of coconut water and a whispering mist of white orchid. The break (base notes) snaps into arboreal accents of santal and blonde woods. 

The name Kahana came from Jennifer, our founders' niece. She thought it was the perfect name for this ethereal and magical scent. Kahana is also a noun in the Hawaiian language, meaning "turning point". This concept settled in for me during the creation of this new scent. It is important to notice these important moments in our lives and acknowledge "today is a new day". 

At DefineMe fragrance, we believe we can reset with scent. It’s that simple, positive inspiration yields positive emotional and visual responses. Like, suddenly, we’re there: toes nestled deep into coarse coral sand with the sun warming our salty skin and a soft breeze filling the air. 

The new Kahana scent is centered on relaxation and mindfulness. Just as each beach scene serves as a mantra, each inhalation of the Kahana scent inspires tranquility on the shores of our psyche. Time for daily meditation may not always be easy to come by, but a scent serving as a conduit to calm comes with each pass of this perfume.

For Kahana, we use our DefineMe fragrance signature formula, so you can feel good knowing every spritz is certified vegan and cruelty-free. We use organic sugarcane alcohol, coconut oil and essential oil, and clean fragrance oil blend in the new Kahana scent, and all of our perfume This foundational formula is free of bht, phthalates, parabens, and toxic chemicals. DefineMe fragrances are also gluten-free. 


You can also rest assured knowing for every DefineMe fragrance bottle sold, $1 goes to educational scholarships for young women. So far, DefineMe has already directly supported schooling for students in Peru, South Sudan, and Nepal. 

With personal liberation, mindfulness, and tranquility as guides, the new Kahana scent is steeped in strong aspirations. We embarked on establishing a new fragrance, arrived at a relaxing, ethereal beach somewhere beautiful. The new Kahana scent is founded in vibrant floral notes, rooted in woodsy hues, and sits aside husks under coconut trees, while fronds rise and fall welcoming the arriving waves. Come and discover Kahana today. 





March 01, 2021 — Lift Sales and Marketing


Mary Ellen said:

Love the newest scent, Kahana…
Long lasting but not overpowering…
Soft and subtle…
A perfect addition to my DFM collection…

Thank you for the new fragrance…

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