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Valentine’s Day 2021. How do we celebrate another holiday under the extraordinary circumstances of our world today? Well, in defiance of how things seem different this year, celebrating Valentine’s day is simple: love finds a way and it begins with you. Sure, the fancy dinner dates are off the table in many places (but there’s also a reason restaurant folks refer to it as ‘amateur night’ anyway). New crushes might have to occupy your computer screen in the same place as a work web meeting, but remember: love is atmospheric and aromatic. Love is immaterial. Love is all you need.

Start with Self-Love

To spread and share love, our own hearts have to be full and well. We forge our fragrances on this foundation of self-love and positivity. We are each worthy of love, respect, and success - from ourselves first, and then others. A spritz of a DefineMe scent is designed to cloak the wearer in feelings of empowerment and mindfulness as she moves throughout the day. This self-love resonates in the presence of others while the fragrance permeates the shared atmosphere.

Audry, the Amorous 

For Valentine’s Day this year, we’re featuring our Audry fragrance because she inspires self-love and a feeling of well-being. Audry’s scent wave begins with a groundswell of peony and pink rose before cresting into a build of jasmine and magnolia blossom. Then she breaks into a wash of Atlas cedar and sandalwood. The olfactory experience is warm, inviting, and calm - leaving your heart and mind open to love. 

Perfume is always the perfect gift, so whether you’re shopping for yourself or that special someone, we’ve got options. Audry is available in several sizes, including the perfume mist, travel spray, and perfume oil.  Then, if you like Audry as much as we do, be sure to try our fragrance kit to explore samples from our other scent collections.

Conscious Beauty Below the Surface

At DefineMe Fragrance, we’re a conscious beauty brand. At the core, this means we produce scents with clean, natural, and cruelty-free ingredients. We choose these ingredients for a number of reasons including health, wellness, and safety. We also believe that, when combined, these ingredients are capable of inducing positive, powerful emotions of strength, self-love, and gratitude. So while we began with the conscious decision to select specific, vegan, phthalate-free, and paraben-free ingredients for our fragrances, we’ve grown to learn the importance of leading with your heart.

Share the Love

By simply surrounding yourself with a DefineMe scent, you’re supporting the success of another - and that in itself is a loving gesture. For every DefineMe product purchased, $1 goes directly towards She’s The First. She’s The First is a non-profit organization that facilitates educational scholarships for young women in developing countries. Directly from this support, DefineMe has sponsored scholarships for young women in Peru, South Sudan, and Nepal.

Like the allure of an attractive scent, love is intangible and unconstrained. We can celebrate it only as much as we can hold it in our hearts, share it with others, and watch it grow. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all those you love, however you define it.

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January 26, 2021 — Lift Sales and Marketing

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