You know that crushing feeling you get when you discover a brand or product you love has less-than above-board practices? Like, when you realize a fragrance you’ve fallen hard for actually has animal product ingredients or test on animals (yeah, that feeling!). Part of our core mission at DefineMe Fragrance means you can rest easy knowing that you’ll never (ever!) feel that way again. Our fragrances start with many questions: What’s its purpose? What should it smell like? What should it be called? But one thing that’s always a given is that we never include animal products in our ingredients! Cruelty to animals...ahhh, no thank you! 🙅🙅🙅

Why We Rival Designer Scents (Without Being Cruel)

Isn’t cruelty-free a given these days? Nope. Sadly many beauty and fragrance products are still tested on animals at some stage in the process (usually by a third-party tester).

And while animal testing is obviously a big issue, what many people don’t consider is the use of animal ingredients in perfume. And to make the task of navigating your way through the array of pretty bottles to find an ethical, vegan perfume even harder—perfume makers aren’t legally required to include a list of all the ingredients contained in a bottle of perfume 😲. 

So, if there’s nothing on the label to state that it’s 100% vegan, chances are the perfume still contains some animal-derived ingredients. We love being vegan fragrance fanatics, and we are certified by PETA, featured on Logical Harmony’s Vegan + Cruelty-Free Brand List, as well as Ethical Elephant, and Wife Life.

Sure, Be Wild—But Smell Absolutely Amazing!

This does NOT smell like a vegan fragrance.”—People are often surprised at how good our scents smell–and we’re like–”Yeah! Why would we create something that sucks!?” Just because something’s vegan doesn’t give it an excuse not to smell divine!

Plus, because our vegan fragrances are plant-based in composition, they have a better synergy with your skin, actually working with your body to promote a better sense of wellbeing. They can even enhance or alter your mood, depending on the fragrance ingredients used.

And while you might think because the fragrance is vegan it may not have as much staying power on the skin, nothing could be further from the truth! The composition and concentration of our fragrance oils mean that the scent lingers and follows you all day long (in a non-creepy way 😜).

OK, So We’re Vegan & Kind to Bunnies—Here’s What Else You Should Know?

Surprises are great, but we prefer to put everything on the table when it comes to how we make our fragrances and what’s in them. Here goes:

  • We Keep It Simple: The full list of ingredients for each product can be found on the individual product page on our website. You may be surprised by how simple our ingredients are, but we like it that way, simple and natural.
  • Coconut Oil Base: Our fragrance oils are a proprietary blend of fragrance and essential oils. They’re a hybrid of sorts and their base is fractionated coconut oil.
  • Made in the USA: Our fragrance oils are made in the USA—they comply with strict regulatory and quality standards relating to health, the environment, safety and raw materials. They adhere to the regulations of IFRA North America (International Fragrance Association), RIFM (The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials), USDA and Regulatory Congress.
  • No Nasties: We don’t add harmful chemicals to our products such as parabens, phosphates or petroleum.
  • Gluten-Free: Our fragrances are gluten-free (unless otherwise noted in the ingredients on the individual product page).

From raw ingredients to finished product, it’s on us to create fragrances that are beautiful, empowering, long-lasting, and true to our core values. We don’t want you spending copious amounts of time on Google researching product ingredients and figuring out who you can trust (ugh, exhausting!). How about, instead, you can enjoy something that not only makes you smell like you just left the salon but that you can feel confident, proud and guilt-free every time you spray.

October 11, 2018 — Jennifer Newton


Hannah C said:

If you must choose a scent I definitely recommend CLARA 🦋, it smells absolutely divine. The brand is also Vegan & Cruelty FREE what’s not to like about that!

Cruelty Free UK said:

What a great discovery! Unfortunately, couldn’t find your products in the UK. Do you deliver internationally?

We have also featured you as a cruelty free and vegan brand. Cruelty Free UK

Norill said:

Love love Define Me’s hand sanitizer.
Such a fun glass bottle and the scent is so welcoming.
I have recommended it to all my girlfriends for themselves and for their daughters.

Christine Gonzales said:

Hey all. I purchased the hand sanitizer and cannot tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! It smells amazing and my hands feel great!!!!! DO NOT HESITATE! I feel like this is going to sell out FAST!!!!!

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