As the founder and CEO of DefineMe I wanted to tell you three personal stories of stellar black entrepreneurs whom I admire and that matter to me.
AJ Crimson (@ajcrimson), founder & CEO of Aj Crimson Beauty @ajcrimsonbeauty. AJ is an incredibly talented makeup artist to the stars, HE IS the real deal! I met him in 2017 at a trade show, Beauty@Coterie in NYC. I was in awe of the incredible before's and after’s as women left his chair. They went from plain to fabulous in minutes! I thought, I need that in my life! I purchased a couple of tubes of his lipstick and I can honestly say it is the best lipstick I’ve ever worn. It’s silky smooth, feels amazing, stays on, doesn’t crease, and comes in the most gorgeous colors. It feels like a lipstick you would splurge at Barney’s but for $20-$22. Worth every penny! He also created an amazing line of foundations for all skin tones, and this was before companies were getting called out for only carrying certain shades! He’s such a sweet and talented person, you can buy his beautiful makeup on his website on 
Cashmere Nicole ( @cakeandcashmere), the President, Founder, and CEO, CBO of Beauty Bakerie and Sugar Homes @beautybakeriemakeup @sugarhomes (a non-profit to help sweeten the lives of orphaned children worldwide, incredible!). I met Cashmere at a dinner for women entrepreneurs back in 2017. We were seated next to each other so we had the chance to chat and exchange business cards. She brought Beauty Bakerie samples to give out, this was my first time experiencing her beautiful products. I fell in love with not only the quality but the creativity that goes into every single detail.  Cashmere is what some would call a triple threat, she’s highly intelligent, a stunning beauty, and has an incredible business acumen. She has a nobel presence about her that is rare and awe-inspiring. Her personal story is incredible, she was a single mom and a cancer survivor who launched and grew this incredibly successful brand from scratch. You can buy Beauty Bakerie makeup at Ulta Stores, and on 
Beatrice Dixon ( @iambeadixon), the Founder, and CEO of The Honey Pot Co @thehoneypotco . When I think of Beatrice “Bea” I smile. The first time I met her was in 2017 at Cosmoprof. She and her team, also black women, came up to our booth and she introduced herself by saying, “I create beauty products for the vagina”, it stopped me in my tracks, I smiled and said, “what’s the name of your company”, she replied “the Honey Pot Co”…as a brand creator I immediately understood the genius in this name and brand and I literally bowed to her, hands up and all. We met again a trade show in NYC. We’ve stayed in touch ever since. She may not know this but she’s someone I look up to greatly. She’s a go-getter, a trendsetter, a force of greatness, a category disruptor in a way like I’ve never seen, I mean ever. Simply put Bea is a badass! She started The Honey Pot co because she wanted to create better for you, natural personal hygiene products for women. It’s no wonder she’s a best seller at Target stores, ahem, hello! You can and should purchase her products at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond, Urban Outfitters, Amazon, and more. I told ya she’s a badass! 
Founder and CEO DefineMe 
June 08, 2020 — Afterpay Key

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