Juicy, delectable, and absolutely addicting.

You'll fall in love with our best-selling Sofia Isabel at first spritz.

Splash into Sofia Isabel.

Sofia Isabel is a vibrant, luscious, fruity, delectable scent that is meant to inspire being a free spirit and embracing life with confidence. 

Swell: Mandarin + Tangerine.
Crest: Black Currant + Jasmine.
Break: Vanilla + Warm Sugar.

Smell like sunshine

Your new summer scent is calling.

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Here's what people are saying about Sofia Isabel:
This is my new favorite perfume. I usually wear Gucci and Chanel, but I like this better. It has a Citrus smell and a floral undertone. It’s so pleasant and calming.
— Rebecca S.
In my opinion, this is better than Flowerbomb.
— Xavier
I immediately fell in love with the scent the moment I smelled it! It’s most gorgeous fruity sweet fragrance I ever tried in a long time.
— Soraya B.
I get compliments literally every time I wear this. It’s my favorite perfume ever and I’ve never smelled another one like it.
— Cassidy R.
This fragrance is warm, sexy and fabulous. It’s my new favorite. It’s like a vacation for the senses. I will happily admit I’m obsessed.
— Rita H.
From the first time I put Sofia on I just loved it! I get so many compliments… Just a beautiful fragrance.
— Tina B.
One of the best scents ever! It's beautifully balanced: not overpowering but long lasting.
— Shy I.
This perfume is so fresh and clean and light smelling it is perfect for summer. And it lasts for hours once I put it on.
— Carol M.
This scent is unlike any I’ve ever smelled. It is sweet but has an earthy undertone. I get compliments every time I wear it and it lasts for hours!!
— Casey