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So it's been a little while since we have had a chance to do a mini-interview! This feature is totally worth the wait! 😍  Love, love, love Markie Meghan! She is a total babe and a very talented make-up artist. She is sweet, genuine, a trendsetter and simply magical! 🦄✨ 

Get to know Markie in our mini-interview! 👇💕

🔸 How did your love for makeup begin? 🔸

At a very early age I was just compelled by colors and glitters. I've always loved how makeup can make one feel. One swipe of glitter and you're instantly taken to a magical place. At least in my mind that's how it goes. (haha)

🔸  Who is your favorite beauty guru or beauty icon? 🔶

Weirdly enough I don't know if I really have a beauty icon or guru. I appreciate everyone for being themselves and taking their own beauty paths. But if I had to pick it would probably be Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot. 

🔶  What’s the beauty essential you cannot live without? 🔶

I would say any type of moisturizing spray, I probably own one form every brand and just constantly spray myself with them all throughout the day, the funniest part is that I don't even have dry skin! 

🔶 A beauty tip that would work for anyone…🔶

A beauty tip that works for everyone would be trust in your own opinion. If you put on that orange lipstick and love it don't let anyone tell you it looks bad or doesn't match your skin tone or any other excuse. Love what you love and don't let anyone take that from you. 

🔶 Love, love, love your confidence! What is one piece of advice you would give to girls? 🔶

Aww that's so nice! I'm really glad I appear that way! I honestly think it's just being comfortable in your own skin. I was bullied a lot as a child and I just learned to accept and love myself for the things I was bullied for. Like being the weirdo, or the math nerd. (yes I'm pretty good at math, insane right? Haha) You take all of those things and you turn them into something you're proud of. Also having an outlet to express yourself really helps build confidence and internal love. 

🔶  What’s your spirit animal? 🔶

Well this may be entirely too obvious but my spirit animal is definitely a unicorn. I mean honestly I definitely feel like one everyday. 

🔶 If your pets could talk what would they say about you? 🔶

Ohhh noooo, they would be so annoyed haha! They would say I'm clingy but definitely cuddly, I'm really nice because I share my food with them even though I shouldn't, and I'm pretty comforting to hangout with especially when it's thundering out. 

🔶 Would you rather live a week in the past or the future? 🔶

Oh man I'm not sure! I would never want to change anything in the past because I'm happy where I am today, and only getting one week in the future doesn't seem like enough when you have to go back. And then you'll just be thinking of the future the whole time! I'll stay in the present it's cool. Haha can you tell I look into things way too much? 

🔶 What would the world be like if it was filled with male and female copies of you? 🔶

Umm hilariously awkward, weird, funny and loving 
Summer is such a hard time of year to keep your makeup looking fresh…what’s your fav summer makeup products/tips?

🔶 Summer is such a hard time of year to keep your makeup looking fresh! What’s your fav summer makeup products/tips?🔶

Don't over do it. Less is more in the summer heat, it's better to have a light coverage BBcream with SPF on than foundation melting off your face.  Also let your skin get a little bit of sun! In small doses it can really make a healthy difference and glow! 
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