scented meditation

Kahana - Aquamarine

As you spray your perfume on your pulse points, know that you are moving in rhythm with nature and with your own nature.

Feel yourself being infused with the message of the aquamarine crystals, reminding you that you have the beauty and inner harmony of water.

Breathe in this scent and hear this affirmation:

I trust my inner knowing. I am calm. I am relaxed in my own power. I am present in this very moment and I have everything I need. I am everything I need.

I am as confident as a hibiscus, as graceful as a white orchid, as tranquil and trusting of myself. myself as the depths of the ocean.

I am mindful. I am relaxed confidence. I am light and happy. 

As you smell this scent that you've chosen for yourself, feel the crystals validating your intuition and the timeless happiness that you know is your destiny.

You are manifesting your dream life.

This fragrance surrounds you, elevates you, and communicates to you and to the world the calm tranquility of a perfect day on an island paradise.

Hear the sound of rippling water reminding you... I am here. I have arrived. I am mindful. I am relaxed confidence. I am light and happy. 

Each time throughout the day and night that you catch a whiff of this ethereal purview, it will transport you and inspire the deep feelings of beauty and tranquility.

Kahana - Aquamarine Crystal Infused Perfume Mist

Pair your Kahana - Aquamarine perfume with this meditation.

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