scented meditation

Sofia Isabel - Citrine

As you spray your perfume on your pulse points, feel yourself beckoned by the enchanting warmth and sweetness of your brilliant path ahead. Know that radiant citrine energizes each step.

Breathe in this scent feeling the golden beauty and magic of the crystals, and hear this affirmation. 

I embrace life as my truest self. I am intuitive. I am powerful. I am lively and alive and my dreams bear fruit.

I am as bright as mandarin, as enchanting as jasmine, as delectable as vanilla sugar.

I am vibrant. I am confident. I am free to manifest to my highest potential. 

As you smell this scent that you've chosen for yourself, feel the captivating allure of your deepest spirit as it guides you to manifest.

Glow like the light of the sun. Know that this fragrance infused with golden citrine surrounds you with inspiration and encouragement.

I am here. I have arrived. I am vibrant. I am confident. I am free to manifest to my highest potential.

Each time throughout the day and night that you catch a whiff of this delectable perfume, it will invigorate and inspire these deep feelings of freedom and empowerment.

Sofia Isabel - Citrine Crystal Infused Perfume Mist

Pair your Sofia Isabel - Citrine perfume with this meditation.

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