scented meditation

Rami - Clear Quartz

As you spray your perfume on your pulse points, feel yourself embodying clarity and purpose. Know that the vibrancy of clear quartz heals and nurtures your spirit, illuminating your highest path.

Breathe in this scent, feeling the elevating light of the crystals, and hear this affirmation. 

My inner vision guides my choices.

I am wise. I am warm. I am visionary and I draw abundance to all of my dreams and goals.

I'm as enchanting as fig and cherry, as delicious, as salted caramel and almond, as balanced, as golden benzoin and amber.

I am magnetic. I am luminous. I am focused as I manifest my dreams. 

As you smell this scent that you've chosen for yourself, feel the radiance of your inner vision taking form in your outer world.

Know that this fragrance infused with the enchanting crystals of clear quartz empowers you to take flight.

I am here. I have arrived. I am magnetic. I am luminous. I am focused as I manifest my dreams. 

Each time throughout the day and night that you catch a whiff of this empowering perfume, it will deepen your sense of purpose and help you light your way to living your best life.

Rami - Clear Quartz Crystal Infused Perfume Mist

Pair your Rami - Clear Quartz perfume with this meditation.

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