a beach vacation in a bottle

Tropical, beachy vibes with every spritz.

Kahana is the fresh scent you'll be craving all summer and beyond.

Dive into Kahana.

Kahana is a fresh, calming, and beachy scent that is meant to inspire relaxation, mindfulness, and a feeling of being transported to a tranquil place.

Swell: Hibiscus + Delicate Pink Pepper.
Crest: Coconut Water + White Orchid.
Break: Santal + Soft Blonde Woods. 

embrace the ocean air

Ride the Kahana wave.

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Here's what people are saying about Kahana:
This scent is perfection. It is the most perfect beach scent I’ve ever smelled.
— Casey
This is another one of the BEST perfumes I’ve ever tried from DefineMe! It’s the nicest beachy coconut type fragrance I’ve ever tried in a long time. I’ve been using this almost everyday ever since I got it.
— Soraya B.
This is the perfect little pick me up in a spray. I love the clean light long lasting scent.
— Rita H.
It makes me feel like I'm at the beach
— Amy C.
AHHHMAZING. I haven’t smelt something so pure and beautiful before! So natural and calming!!
— Mandy I.
I absolutely love the scent and the lightness of Kahana. It smells like everything is clean and new. Like the feeling one gets on a new, fresh and sunny vacation day morning.
— Emily H.
This scent is like a beach vacation in a bottle. It is warm and sunny. It’s perfect for a sunny summer day. I absolutely love it!
— Cheryl W.
It makes me feel like I'm at the beach.
— Amy C.
I rarely write reviews but I must say how much I love this product. I don’t like loud fragrance so this has a nice light smell that lasts all day.
— Sophia B.